Anyone that uses a photocopier…or has made dubs of a VHS Video…knows that making a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of something just leaves you with a lousy piece of garbage. Each succeeding copy just worsens the quality.

So it is apparently with humans too.

In what is both a stunning and also “well, duh” discovery, scientists have apparently unraveled something very significant about the human genetic code. From this article in The Independent comes the announcement that people have multiple copies of certain genes written into their genome. It is these multiple copies that are apparently responsible for the diseases we face as humans. Read the article for a full and better explanation.

The article also explains that humans are not 99.9% the same, as was previously thought. But, rather, the similarity percentage may be closer to only 96%.

And, for me, knowing that some people are 4% different is HUGE.  It explains everything.