So, the company gave me a boysenberry a couple of months ago. With the amount of travel I do, I was getting pretty tired of always being out of touch and complained about it vociferously. After six months of hemming and hawing, they finally acquiesced. And, I have been fairly pleased about ever since. Of course, setting it up to receive email from all of my personal accounts probably has a lot do with why I like it. (just keep that little tidbit to yourselves) Some people complain about ’em. Others get addicted to them. Me, I’m somewhere in the middle…but, it does come in handy.

The boysenberry has a cell fone too. But, in true jamoke employer fashion, I was not given the fone number for it by the IT dorks in the home office. Seriously, on the screen it says “My Number: Unknown” in big bold letters. I could have complained, but decided I was better off this way. My thought was that if no one knew the number, no one could call me. And, asking for the number would probably have just served as a reminder to them to change the billing over to my address and then I’d have to do the expense reports. And, I hate having to do expense reports. Or, I could have made a call with the boysenberry to a fone with caller ID and captured the number that way. But, I didn’t think of that.

At least this way, ignorance is bliss.

Besides I already had a cell fone and didn’t need another. So, I have basically just used the boysenberry for email and email only.

But, that doesn’t mean that the fone feature hasn’t been used.

Apparently, the fone number that came with my boysenberry has a past.
Apparently, the fone number belonged to a woman named Doris.
Apparently, Doris liked to give the number out to a lot of people.
Apparently, Doris lives/lived in one of the 5 Burroughs.

At least once a week I get a message left on the boysenberry.  Since I never use the fone feature, I keep the ringer off and never have the opportunity to answer these calls.  And, at a very early stage, I changed the voicemail to state my name, to explain that it was no longer Doris’s fone, and to explain that messages left there would NOT be returned.  (I consider this to be a PRETTY helpful amount of information for someone calling what is obviously a wrong number.)

But, at least once a week someone leaves a message asking for Doris.

People who sound like they might be her friends have left messages.  People who  apparently are collecting money have left messages.  People who seem annoyed have left messages.  People who sound drunk have left messages.  Lots of people want to talk to Doris.

The most recent messages typify jamoke behavior, though.  A person who identifies himself as an anaesthesiologist needs to talk with Doris.  The person speaks with a Brooklyn accent and provides a fone number with a 212 area code.  The person references that this is a matter concerning her visit to the office a year ago.  The person has called at least ten times.

Does the person not listen to the recording?  Does the person assume that continued calls will cause a different response?  Does an anaesthesiologist make their own calls?

When does doubt creep into a person’s thought process?

Or, should I expect this jamoke activity to continue?