It’s not much…and there won’t be any royalties…but I’m pretty proud nonetheless!

Awhile back I took some fotos of a Viola da Gamba for a friend. And, I posted those fotos on flickr. Some folks at a radio station in Belgium saw the fotos and asked if they could use one for a CD cover. I happily obliged.

Today, my copy of the CD arrived.

34. Amorous in Music.
William Cavendish in Antwerp (1648-1660)
Werken van: Dowland, a Kempis, Lawes, Locke, Lanier, Gibbons e.a.
(Bestelnummer KTC 4019)

I’ll be listening to it this weekend!

But wait…there’s more…

I recently ordered and received Moo Cards!

Aren’t they pretty?
Now I just need to force myself to actually give them away…