Spent the weekend getting the house ready for the coming holiday.
Tree trimmed…lights hung…stockings placed next to the (neverbeenused) fireplace…

Everything looks great.

Couldn’t help but notice while doing this work, though, that EVERYTHING was made in China. The lights…the fancy little ornaments…the porcelain angels…everything.

(And, it is important to note that very little of the stuff we collected over the years to help decorate for the holiday was purchased at a Target or a Wal-Mart. Most of it was provided by family members and purchased at some nice places…not to sound boastful, just explaining.)

No…this isn’t an indictment or statement about cheap stuff from China.

Instead, it’s more a question…or, rather, a series of questions…

What do the Chinese think when they are manufacturing these things? Do they wonder about the little figurines with the bearded jelly-belly in a red suit? Do they wonder about the nativity scenes with cows (were there cows in Bethlehem??) unable to eat their hay because a baby is laying in the manger? Do they see the colored lights (you know colored lights can hypnotize, right?) and fiberoptic strands and LED signs and flashy things and blinky thongs and raise their eyebrows at the amount of electricity consumed? Do they observe the items rolling down the production line at the factory while smirking silently?

Or, instead of wondering, do they consider joining the faith?