Back in the 80s there was a band called The Vapors whose one hit was called “Turning Japanese“.  Here’s the YouTube if you can’t recall the song or haven’t seen the video:

Seems fairly benign, eh?

Well, in fact, the song was always rumored to be a euphemism for excessive masturbation. If you are having trouble making the mental connection, imagine someone making a face where they squint their eyes and curl their lips to expose the upper incisors, resembling the stereotypical image of a Japanese person, during masturbation and orgasm.

Maybe the song is not so benign now, eh?

And recently, Dr. Pepper has been using the song in their commercials.   Sure, they changed the word “japanese” in the song to instead be “twenty three”…and most of the other lyrics have been removed.  But, the tune remains and is very recognizable.

Methinks the marketing director in charge of green-lighting that commercial was not aware of the connotation/euphemism…and/or didn’t know they could do a quick wiki search for The Vapors and see masturbation show up almost right away.

Maybe they could instead bring back one of their classic commercials…