Haven’t done a movie review post in awhile…so here goes.

In no particular order:

The Constant Gardener

I read the book a couple of years ago and liked it, even though it wasn’t the typical John le Carre ‘Spy Thriller’. And, with knowing the plot beforehand, I was able to concentrate more completely during the movie on the cinematography, directing and acting. All in, it’s a good film. I would give it five stars. I question why Rachel Weisz received an Oscar for her portrayal, though. I suspect it was because she was very pregnant (apparently) while filming took place. But, her appearance on screen never really seemed to me to be Oscar worthy. (Moderate Spoiler Alert – There is a pretty heavy liberal/anti corporation/ bias in the film.) It’s a ‘thinker’ drama and worth the time spent watching it.

Broken Flowers

I will always love Bill Murray. Period. And, the characters he plays in movies are wonderful and complex (although flawed). His talent for playing these types of characters is amazing. While he may be better known as a comedic actor, it’s his acting in dramas that is especially good, in my opinion. Consider this list (all of which I have seen and recommend) – “The Razors Edge” “Lost in Translation“, “Groundhog Day“, “The Life Aquatic” and “Rushmore“. All present a philosophical dilemma. And, Bill Murray’s characterization in each is brilliant. I would give Broken Flowers five stars as well. It’s a good flick…well written…with a a good message…worth the time.

Nacho Libre

Silly fun. Jack Black once again does his stchick. I think he’s funny. The film is funny. I’ll give it four stars.

Mission Impossible 3

I really hope this is the last in the series…because I hated it. Sure, the effects and gadgets and impossible missions were there. Sure, it was full of action. But, Tom Cruise is just annoying. His grin is annoying. His ‘mean look’ is annoying. His entire performance was annoying. I give it one star. Skip it.

16 Blocks

Bruce Willis is a VERY good actor. And, this movie shows it. I give it four stars. The plot was interesting and suspenseful, even if it was a little stereotypical. The bad guys were authentic. Mos Def stole the show, though, in my opinion. As good as Bruce Willis was in the film, Mos Def was better. If you are interested in the NYC Police Drama type of film, this one is worth seeing.

Lucky Number Slevin

It seems that lately Hollywood is fond of the deceptive crime drama. I call it the ‘Lost Effect’ after the popular TV show. Essentially, these are plots that are full of twists and turns that keep the audience guessing right until the very end. The audience is savvy…so, the movie has to be smart. And, for this one, it works very well. Again Bruce Willis does a fine job. And, with Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley in supporting roles, you know it has to be good. But, it is Josh Hartnett that carries this film…and he does a wonderful job. It’s a very good film and I give it five stars.

Tristan and Isolde

I didn’t know the legend of Tristan and Isolde before seeing the film and had to look it up on wikipedia. Essentially it is Romeo and Juliet in medieval England/Ireland…but with an adultery angle. The story is a good one and it plays well for a movie. This movie, though, could have been better. It lacked authenticity. It lacked emotion. And, while I did enjoy it, I didn’t think it was great. So, I give it three stars.