Having once been through a similar situation to what Taco Bell is currently going through, I’m extremely glad in hindsight I was not brought on earlier this year as an employee of that fine company. (Regular readers may remember that I came very close to joining the Nachos Bell Grande Group, but struck out in the final period of the match.) My experience with customers having a bad time and products getting recalled occured with a previous automotive client whose SUVs were accused of flipping over and whose tires were susceptible to blow-outs. It was not a fun time for me. (Definitely wasn’t fun for those customers either.) So, in essence, I feel as if I’ve been there and done that already. And, even though the roll-over/blowout thing was eventually fixed with my former client…and as the E Coli thing will surely be fixed with Taco Bell, I still would not want to have to deal with that type of thing again.

Especially considering it appears the lettuce is to blame