So, the company mentioned here finally got around to calling me to set up an interview. The HR person (different than the one who sent me the automatic response email) said I would be doing a fone interview with somebody important and offered several hour-long blocks of time over the span of several days in which the call could occur. Not to appear too interested, I picked a date and time that was a few days out…but before the end of the span of offered days.

On the day of the fone interview, I was extremely busy. Parent stuff…conference call stuff…email stuff…catching up or getting ahead stuff. It was nonstop excitement and pressure. But, despite everything going on, I made sure to take a break to ensure I was mentally and physically prepared for the conversation. I was composed. I was calm and collected.

Two minutes before the allotted time my cell fone rang. It was another HR person. Apparently Mr. Somebody Important had been called into an emergency meeting and would have to reschedule. No apology was offered. But, then again, I didn’t expect one. The HR person asked to reschedule the call for the same time on the next business day. I acknowledged the request and replied it would be fine with me. Then , I confirmed the day and time as I wrote them down. Lastly, while still top of mind I wrote the information into my day planner.

At the agreed upon time on the next business day I was again sitting by the fone waiting for it to ring. After ten minutes without a ring I decided something had gone wrong. Maybe they had gotten the fone number wrong, I thought. Maybe I had gotten the time zone deal confused, I wondered. Maybe they had forgotten to call and tell me that I was no longer one of their candidates (which has happened before), I postulated. So, I called and spoke with the first HR person…since the second one had never provided me with a fone number. Needless to say, that person had zero knowledge of what was (or wasn’t) going on with my fone interview…but offered to find out and call me back. To my surprise I was informed I had gotten the day wrong. Fortunately, the mixup hadn’t caused me to miss the interview. It was supposed to occur a day later. The HR person seemed a little perturbed, but offered an apology. I quickly offered my own and then thanked the person for the assistance

But, I know I got the date and time correct. I know I was right.

So, at this point I began to wonder how many strikes I should give this outfit. Don’t the actions thus far imply endemic problems with the organization?

On the following day, I had a great interview with Mr. Somebody Important. He and I had a similar background and knew some of the same people. He seemed to be highly competent and capable and confident. I was inspired and told him I remained interested in the position. He informed me that I had the exact qualifications for which he was searching and was the number one candidate for the position. He stated that I would need to fly to his city to meet the other principals of the agency. I told him I was ready and available at anytime.

Two weeks later I was contacted about making flight/hotel arrangements. And, all in, the proposed plan for the trip was very convenient for me. It was going to be a good day.

But, that’s not the end of the story.

(to be continued…)