Two days after having returned from the city where Agency A is located (Atlanta, in case you were guessing at home…BTW, I wonder if I have any old friends/acquaintances or know any jamokes who live in the Greater Atlanta Area?!?!?!?!…oh, nevermind…)…

Two days after returning from the visit to Agency A, I received a fone call from Agency B instead. Basically, here’s how the conversation went…

Agency B – “Are you still interested?”
Me – “Yes I am.”
Agency B – “Then we won’t be interviewing anyone else. Look for an offer from us within the next two days.”
Me – “Thank You Very Much.”
Agency B – “No…Thank You.”

Now the dilemma really begins. Bird in the hand versus two in the bush? What are the chances? And, nevermind a scenario where the”offer” would not be acceptable. Nope, it wasn’t going to be any easier navigating the possibilities just because one suitor had proposed. Making a false move here could blow my chances with both opportunities.

But, I have dragged out the suspense long enough…

The offer from Agency B, when it was received, was acceptable. I was able to relax a little. Out of courtesy to Agency A, though, I didn’t immediately accept Agency B’s offer. Sure, in the back of my head I thought it would be cool to have them fight over me. “Letting the bidding begin!” But, in reality, I knew that was not going to happen. Instead, the thought was that a) they had flown me to another city, put me up in a hotel, and spent an entire day with me…I owed them the courtesy of telling them about the other agency and b) I needed to give them a day or two more to come to their own decision about the right person for their open position.

So, I called Mr. Somebody Important and left him a voicemail requesting a quick conversation. After not hearing from him for a day, I called his Admin. Speaking with her I explained the situation, informed her of my desire to give them every courtesy, and asked her if I could have just a few minutes of Mr. Somebody Important’s time. She assured me that she would give him the message and suggest he call me back…and she congratulated me on getting the offer.

I didn’t get a phone call.

After the third business day of failing to hear from Agency A, I made the decision to accept Agency B’s offer.

It is done. Finito. Kaput.

I have informed my superior. I have quietly let friends and coworkers know my plans. Tomorrow will be the day I provide my “official” two week notice. And, tomorrow is the day I tell the current clients. This next two weeks will be relaxing and full of optimism.
BTW, both Agencies do work for the same client…T0y0ta…so, I will probably run into Mr. Somebody Important again. It is a small world after all. And, I can’t wait to see his expression change the first time that chance meeting occurs.

In closing, we won’t be moving. And, I get to do the home office thing whenever I’m not travelling. I am joining a smaller organization and will work for/with a client on a pretty good run of positive momentum.

And, I want to give all of you a BIG thanks…