In case anyone was wondering, Agency A has YET to contact me to tell me ANYTHING.  No calls to tell me they are going in another direction.  No emails to say they are evaluating other candidates.  No communication whatsoever in over four weeks to let me know whether or not they even have a clue.

Sure, I no longer need to concern myself with the jamokes at Agency A since the search is over…since the new deal starts soon.   But, as a result of the immense amount of relief I feel as a result of the new deal starting, I have the brief luxury of considering the absurdity of the actions of Agency A.

Why go to the time and expense of flying a person to another city, putting them up in a hotel, and then scheduling an entire’s day worth of interviews for the candidate with senior members of the organization, only to then drop the ball so completely afterwards???

It boggles…

And, it is with that perspective that I now look forward to the new situation.

(Oh, and I ran into three former GM clients today during my trip to the grocery store.  THAT was a little awkward…)