Just posting some miscellaneous thoughts here in an attempt to clear out the clutter.

– Don’t forget to put down 2007 when you date things.

– Thanks to Ron for the Tunes.  It’ll hit the rotation today.

– You know the Holidays are truly over when the last of your visitors has left.  For us, that happened yesterday and now we’re a little sad.

– New job starts today.

– It has been decided that a new motherboard, faster CPU and more RAM will cure this ailing computer.  Until then, time spent working on it will be VERY tedious.

– The trip to the Pacific Northwest was interesting.  A family member on BetterHalf’s side gave us some Family Heirloom furniture. And, driving it down here in a rental truck was cheaper than using a national moving company/shipper.  Look for a post with observations from the trip to come soon…and stay tuned for the fotos taken.