Two weeks on the job and I feel GREAT!

The agency is wonderful. The clients I have met are very personable. The experience has been great thus far (not that I’m expecting it to be any different or to change…).

Not having to file the billable expense reports in triplicate via an online ‘portal’ before faxing in the receipts and then getting five levels of management to approve them…only to have it all bounced back because the job and/or client codes submitted on the T&E Report were adjusted and changed by the accountants of the Holding Company during the approval process, thus invalidating the codes which I had selected and forcing the entire process to rewind to the beginning…not to mention that non-billable expenses go through a different submission, approval and reimbursement process…not having to do all that crap is simply amazing. I was given a card, told not to abuse it (methinks I won’t have a problem there), and told that I will a) never see the bill and b) won’t have to do expense reports. A person in accounting handles it for me. How ’bout them apples?

Oh, and my trip to the central office included an itineried schedule, with each person I met along the way giving me printed information of the sort of which they knew I would need…kinda like they actually prepared for my visit and wanted to get me started off right. Kinda like they had a plan.

Oh, and I was given a computer that works.

Oh, and I was sent home early…because “happy employees are better employees”.

Oh, and I was given a blackberry…sweet sweet blackberry…oh, how I missed the blackberry…blackberry makes me feel good…oh, blackberry…without having to a) submit a request in triplicate for it or b) buy my own.

In order to meet everyone (clients & compatriots), I am traveling quite a bit here at the outset. And, while some would say this is a negative, I’m OK with it. I’m OK because it will subside. In a couple of months, everything will settle into a normal routine. It always does.

And, having a home office for when I’m not on the road is the icing on the cake. No twice daily commute makes me a very happy jamoker. And, with the 90 minutes I’m saving every day, I think I just might finally have enough time in the day to get back in shape..

So, that’s the update…life is good…I hope everyone else is also doing ok…