This is one of the most bleeped up spots I have seen in a long while…

WTF?  Not only is it a poorly written commercial…and looks like crap…but, it has a dead guy talking.  How could anyone think it is a good way to pitch popcorn?

Orville has been dead for something like 10 years…but now, Cargill and their esteemed and uniquely creative ad agency have decided that that the way to improve sales of popcorn is to reprise his role as lovable old corn huckster…or shuckster…and make him seem hip and trendy.

Because zombies are all the rage these days.

Here’s the thing, though…if there is enough brand awareness to warrant/justify keeping the Orville Redenbacher name on the product so long after a) his company is sold to the big conglomerate and b) his death, doesn’t it then make sense from a product marketing standpoint that there are enough people left in the world who remember when he WAS alive and would be creeped out by the spot?

What next?  A warmed-over Computer Generated Elvis pitching prescription meds?