…or, “News From Both The Homefront And The Frontline”.

The one significant, and completely unforeseen, drawback to working from home is that by giving up the daily commute to and from the central workplace I now no longer have anything to complain about.

(Yes, the irony is overwhelming.)

Those 90 to 120 minutes every day spent behind the wheel of a car (mostly) quietly watching the idiots in the other autos around me was time always well spent. The social/psychological observations I made were priceless.  Even some highly acclaimed and world-renowned anthropologist, famous for discoveries in far away lost cities of antiquity, would be hard pressed to admit that the level of drastically important human activities and interactions which the operators of automobiles undertake everyday is anything less than magnificent. I shall truly miss that contact.  I shall miss the exposure to greatness.

Oh, who am I kidding?  Stupid is as stupid does…

And, besides, even without the commute I will surely always have something to complain about. It is my nature.  But, up until recently, a large portion of my mental energies were wasted…er, used while stuck in traffic. This site became an outlet for that frustration.  So, now that I don’t have to shoulder the frustration, do I need an outlet?

Well, the answer is yes. I do still get to travel for work. And, there will surely still be time spent riding in cars on a daily basis. But, the incidence of jamokerish behavior has never been as high, in my opinion…and thus not as interesting, as when the commute deal wasn’t also included in the calculations.

In all seriousness, I truly don’t have anything to complain about. All’s quiet and well on the frontline homefront.

Speaking of being on the frontline while serving from the homefront, I gotta say it fits me well so far.  I work in comfortable clothing.  I don’t eat large and expensive lunches.  I don’t waste time at the watercooler.  I don’t have psycho types criticizing my music.  I am productive.  I’m busy.  I’m here when the school bus arrives, both times per day.  I can stop when the work is done.  I don’t have constant interruptions by bored people needing entertainment.

Do I miss the large office environment?  Sure.  I’m not a complete hermit.  I do have friends and crave human interaction.  But, I don’t miss it completely.

ta ta for now…