…might I recommend walking the streets of New Orleans at dawn.

You will find you have lots of sudden friends and the hookers all yell “Hey Baby, You’re Cute!!


I’ve never been propositioned by prostitutes before.  It’s kind of unnerving actually.   But, after the third one in the span of 15 minutes hollered at me, I decided my ego was doing just fine.

Anyway, I’m back from the French Quarter.  It was a good meeting.  Business is VERY good right now.

And, for those wondering, I didn’t do anything silly on Bourbon Street.  I had a few drinks.  I entertained a few clients.  I made the rounds ensuring my presence had been noted by the muckety-mucks.  And, I was asleep before 11.

But, there were obviously those who we did see get silly.  Goes with the territory, I guess…

New Orleans is NOT completely back to normal (maybe not normal…rather, what it was…), though.  It does appear to be on it’s way and there are those definitely trying hard to get it there.  I guess this is a good thing.  On the day I flew down, there were reports on the news about how the infighting over how to fix the situation continues still a full 18 months after the hurricane.  Maybe it’ll never be resolved.  I have a feeling that the void caused by the inaction will slowly be filled or reclaimed by those who take comfort in New Orleans maintaining that historical Big Easy state of being.  Maybe this is how it’s always been with New Orleans.

During my dawn walk down Bourbon Street, I saw the piles of trash being picked up.  I saw some rowdy folks who hadn’t yet made it home.  I saw some people who definitely weren’t going to make it home without help.  And, I saw the working ladies.  Surprisingly, it’s a fairly busy place at dawn.

I saw the early-morning runners.  I saw others like me, folks just out walking and snapping pics.  I saw shops with beautiful antiques.  I saw all of the historical architecture.  I enjoyed it.

I tried to avoid getting my shoes too dirty.  I thought about what had happened to the city.  I tried to imagine how many people had partied down through history right where I was standing.  And, before too long, I retreated back to the comfort of the hotel…appreciating just that much more everything I had…thinking, “Hey Baby, You’re Cute!!