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Regular readers here are aware I made the switch to an Apple computer recently. Several factors prompted the switch, but chief was that the PC experience was so disappointing. Well, I’m happy to say this has not been the case with the Mac.

But, this post isn’t really about that…

Rather, it’s to explain something else. When buying the computer I opted for the extra software called ‘Aperature’. It’s a foto processing program created by Apple and it works great. Sure, I could have waited for Adobe to come out with Photoshop CS3 and probably been just as pleased. But, I have always felt Photoshop was overkill for 99% of what I wanted to do. Aperature, on the other hand, is perfect for what I need.

Aperature has the ability to work with the RAW format for digital fotos (in addition to jpeg obviously). So, upon getting the new computer, I began capturing all of my digital shots in the RAW format. And, it is here that I have been most amazed. My uncle, who’s an expert fotographer, has suggested on several occasions that the jpeg compression done by the camera affects the fotos adversely…even when using manual settings. It wasn’t until switching to RAW myself that I was able to see his point.

There’s no compression with RAW, so the files are larger. But, this just means that image quality and quantity remains unchanged for me to adjust as I see fit…instead of the camera doing it based on an algorithm.

Will I take better pictures?
Will they look better to others?
Am I justifying/rationalizing my purchase?

If you can, switch to RAW format and decide for yourself. Or, compare the foto above of my favorite statue to the one I took of it about a year ago. Light, camera, and time of day are all about the same.

Into The West

I think the colors are richer. I think the foto has more depth. To me, the more recent version at the top is better.