Wound, originally uploaded by The Jamoker.

Since I have nothing to complain about anymore, coming up with “daily irreverent rants about jamokes and pontifications about life” has become VERY hard to do. My perspective has changed. (Plus, I’ve been pretty busy.)

But, am I more tolerant?

Well, obviously, that’d be a big fat “NO!!”

It appears to me, though, I am a little less willing to complain…and a little more willing to let stuff just “roll like water off a ducks back”.

Maybe I’m not “wound” so tight.

And, hence the connection to the picture. My thoughts lately have been that this site can become a sort of picture travelogue. And, while certainly not intended to boast or brag about going to lots of cool places like Jackson, Mississippi or Jonesboro, Arkansas, I realize I probably do need to explain why I have taken some pictures or what I was thinking when I took them.

This picture is of a light fixture in the bathroom of a room I stayed in recently. The shot is actually turned 90 degrees to the right from how the fixture actually hangs, but I liked it this way better. I felt the light fixture was interesting. I felt it had character. For some reason the subjects for which I have taken a primary interest with photography have been lights…both normal household and blazing neon. It’s as if I’m a moth drawn to the light.

But, anyway, I hope you like this foto…