If Jesus Is The Answer, then what is the question?

Every time I see a bumper sticker (which seems to be quite frequently) with “Jesus Is The Answer” displayed, it always makes me wonder “what is the question”.  And, instead of stating something obvious like “who is the son of Mary?” or giving in to the obvious proselytizing and respond with “Jesus Is The Answer To Every Question”, I instead play a little game with it.

For example, maybe the question is, “who allegedly apparently and supposedly walked on water during a time in history where nutrition, personal hygiene and video evidence were all nonexistent?”

Or, maybe the question could be, “who disappeared from the biblical record during the time between pubescence and the ripe old age of thirty three…a time in most people lives where the sowing of wild oats occurs?”

Or, maybe the question has to be phrased in the Jeopardy format.  “Figures from History for $400 please, Alex.  (Alex says, “Jesus Is The Answer”.)  Who is responsible for the traffic jam in which I’m currently stuck.”

Sometimes, I notice that a person of Hispanic or Latin persuasion is driving the vehicle with the “Jesus Is The Answer” bumper sticker.  In those instances I assume that the driver is actually advertising his construction or lawn service.

What about you, got any good questions for “Jesus Is The Answer”?