After taking this foto, the vendor sternly told me to stop taking fotos of his stuff. As you can see from the message on his items here, he’s a man of faith…or at least he’s trying to profit from a faith based message. Based on his demeanor and attitude, I doubt a) the message he’s peddling has sunk in and b) he practices what he “preaches”. Regardless, I’m more curious about what exactly he thinks I’m going to do with the image I took and why he got upset. Am I going to steal his art? Am I going to duplicate his work? Am I going to profit from his existing hard work? The answer to each question is ‘no’. Nothing he has on display here is a unique idea or design. I have seen stuff like this displayed in fairs and airport gift shops all over the country. And, anyone who knows me would laugh at the thought of me crafting anything. Besides, wouldn’t ownership of the verbiage on display here technically belong to the author of the bible? Maybe the copyright has expired on writings from the Old and New Testament?? But I digress…

If he’d have simply asked me to explain myself and describe my intentions I would have provided him with a business card and explained that I like to take fotos of interesting and well crafted things. I would have paid him a compliment. Instead he chose to be a jamoke.

Oh, and there happens to be a big sign at the MayFest entrance which states quite clearly fotography is allowed.