A couple of years ago I changed jobs and moved to a new office. Upon getting there I immediately noticed the amount of cursing that was occuring on a daily basis was out of control. And, while I was unfairly (and obviously incorrectly…I can curse like a sailor as well as the next guy) labeled as a prude as a result, I enacted a “No Cursing” policy…with offenders required to put money in a jar. At the time of the incident, it was absolutely necessary. “Slips” were regularly occuring in conversations with clients. Looking back on it now, though, the whole thing was actually kind of funny.

One person tried to “pay in advance” by putting a hundred dollar bill in the jar. He made a big show of it while uttering a stream of profanity that easily included easily 15 words.
Another person would “borrow” the money she’d already put in the jar to pay for her afternoon Diet Coke.
A third person just substituted “poop” for the real words.
And, after a couple of months, we just decided to use the money to buy some alcohol.

So, much for lofty intentions…

Seeing this clip, brought back the memories.