It rained again yesterday…twice.
It rained today…a lot.
There is a very distinct and omnipresent squish squish sound when I walk in the grass.

A nice Mallard Duck couple has moved into the runoff pond/lake in the backyard.
They are so cute! The first denizens of our very own wetlands!!

Both yesterday and Thursday, I was caught in the rain while riding.
Now I know how the residents of the Pacific Northwest or Florida must feel.
You can’t make plans around the rain…if you did, you’d never get to do anything…and, the rain is too random, sporadic, and sudden.
So, I just bear the stinging pain from the nickel-sized raindrops and try to pedal harder.
Who knows, maybe I’ll look back on this as good training.

At least it’s not 110 degrees, and 90% humidity…