I have been asked, “where are you?”
Well, I’ve been busy. Sorry for dropping off the radar…

I’ve been on my bike…getting back in shape.
And, while it wasn’t quite a Lance Armstrong effort, it was very good nonetheless.

I rode 400 miles in 13 days.
Last year it took me about 21 days to do 385.
So, I’m definitely happy with this year’s result.

And, considering that on two of the days within that 13 day span I didn’t get to ride, it’s an even more impressive achievement…in my opinion.

To conclude the training period, I competed in a local race last night. 40 miles of racing at a 25-30 mph average definitely kicked my tail. But, I was able to remain competitive throughout the entire race and finished with the leaders. I’ll admit, midway through the race I had brief delusions about being able to “mix it up” in the sprint finish. But, sadly, when things got really wound up on the final lap I was doing everything I could just to hang on the back.

4 years ago I stopped racing. 4 years ago I would have been able to finish in the top 3.

Coming back after that amount of time, and yet still being able to feel as if I had the “stuff” to deserve to be out there racing…and racing with guys in very good shape…feels pretty good. The time away hasn’t dulled me too much. The time away didn’t ruin me.

A side benefit to the recent physical activity is that I have lost 25 pounds since early May. And, this was done without changing my diet (one of the reasons why I like cycling so much). I burned a lot of calories pushing my lard-body up the hills during those 400 miles. And, the waistline is back to normal territory. And, considering that muscle is heavier than fat, it’s a moral victory to know 25 pounds are gone. Because obviously, more than 25 pounds of “round in the middle-ness” or “fat-assed-ness” has been affected in the fat to muscle conversion.

Science tells us that matter can’t be destroyed. And, one of Newton’s Laws states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. To which I say, I feel sorry for the person(s) that ends up with my lost 25 lbs. But, I really don’t want it back…you can keep it.