Lots of recent activity at the House of Jamoker…maybe too much to try and detail, in fact. But, here goes…

School started recently for the LilOnes. LilOne#1 was fortunately able to graduate kindergarten last year and is now happily trying to become the teacher’s pet in first grade. Frankly, I think she enjoys school simply because she gets to ride the bus. Or, maybe it’s because I’m working from home now and it gets her away every day. LilOne#2 is doing preschool 3 days a week. Upon her return from her school, I always ask her if she learned anything that day. So far, the answer has been a definitive “No” each time. But, I remain hopeful she’ll at least figure out how to use velcro and kleenex properly before the end of the year.

Both LilOnes are playing soccer this fall. So far, both teams are undefeated. LilOne#2 scored a goal in her first game. And, LilOne#1 took the ball on a breakaway and then executed a perfect assist to a teammate in her second game. (Sadly, no foto or video evidence of this stunning feat exists because the fotographer failed to adjust the camera to the correct light settings.) After giving her a high-five upon her arrival on the sideline, I envisioned how cool it would be for her to get a Div1 college scholarship, thus enabling me to retire early…

30 years after hearing The Police for the first time on the radio, I finally got to see them in concert. It was a wonderful experience. And, while some would say they are only doing the reunion tour for the money, it was worth it nonetheless. They sang the hits. The audience cheered. It was fun.

And, I also got to see another fave band of mine recently – The Arctic Monkeys. There is an interesting coincidence with getting to see these two bands in the same summer. The first song from The Arctic Monkeys I ever heard was the one entitled “When The Sun Goes Down”, which happens to be about a pimp and prostitutes, and includes a reference to Roxanne by The Police. The Arctic Monkeys were great to see live and the show was fun.

With 8 months into my work from home experience having elapsed, I’m happy to say that everything is going great. The situation suits me very well. Sure, there are a few things I miss…mainly interaction with coworkers…but, I don’t miss it enough to want to go back to commuting and wasting time in an office setting. I get stuff done now. And, that extra hour to two hours a day I gained from not having to commute is spent in much more productive fashion. I highly recommend working from home.

Lastly, I recently ran a 10K race. The race was sponsored by the client and I thought it was a good idea to be “seen” participating. But, it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve done a running race. And, it took me awhile to get myself psyched-up to do this one. But, I’ve been running while “on the road” for business in order to a) pass the time b) keep myself from eating/drinking the wrong things and c) maintain the slight bit of fitness I was able to gain earlier this summer and felt it was time to gauge my progress. The race was flat and the temp was perfect (not too hot, not too cool). I was fortunate in that I was able to stage near the front of the pack. And, I felt very good throughout the entire race. I finished the 10K (6.2 miles) in 46 minutes, 30 seconds and was only passed by one person. I was able to beat my goal of doing the race in 50 minutes, so I felt pretty happy.

Hope everyone else is doing well…

And, keep a sharp eye out for Trolls.