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You’ve surely heard about it from the news media on various recent occasions.
You’ve probably seen the Oprah video.
You’ve smirked to yourself and rolled your eyes.
Because whenever “T0m Cru1se” and “Sc1ent0l0gy” are in close proximity, it just seems like a punch-line is about to happen.
Maybe you did a little research on “Sc1ent0l0gy”. Maybe you bought “D1anetics” when it was a best-seller back in the late ’80s.
Or, maybe you’ve ignored all of this completely (lucky you)…

There is definitely “something” going on, though.The PR folks are busy. The news/entertainment story churn is at full speed. Just about every late-night talk show and celebrity website has featured content from this ongoing drama. All to say that it appears a battle between the Sc1entologists…through their proxy T0m Cru1se…and the anti-Sc1ent0l0gists is being played-out in front of us on a daily basis.

So, I’ve put together a little video to help sort it all out…
As a disclaimer, I have enjoyed the majority of the movies T0m Cru1se has done that I have seen.

This is the recently leaked Sc1ent0l0gy video (who knows how long it’ll stay on YouTube)

“I do what I can. And, I do it the way I do everything.”If I didn’t know better, I’d assume he was running for political office. How can someone talk for 10 minutes without saying anything of substance?

And, here’s another clip…

Here’s Craig Ferguson’s opinion on the whole deal, by the way…

Of additional importance in all of this, is the role Katie H0lmes is now playing. Since becoming involved, she’s gone from being the “girl next door” to “android” in three short steps.

By the way, there are those who believe her marathon was faked.
There is no disputing she has changed.

On Letterman Part 1:

On Letterman Part 2:

Note her oral delivery style and willingness to smile/joke.

Now, compare her new style from this interview with D1anne Sawyer:

And, this return to Letterman on 1/14/08:

I love how Dave makes the same joke about the name of the show – Dawson’s Landing/Gordon’s Creek.

Is it just me or does her white dress resemble the dress worn by Lt. IIia in Star Trek?


Anyway, the frequency with which this stuff keeps showing up in the news implies to me there is something going on behind the scenes. And, unfortunately, it appears T0m and Kat1e are no longer of their right minds.I hope this was helpful…