Come on big money…big money…big money…

I used to love watching “Wheel of Fortune“. I was always pretty good at guessing the puzzles. But, I really liked it when the contestant would spin the wheel and holler out, “come on big money!”. That every contestant would holler the same thing made me wonder if it was a requirement for being on the show. I wondered if there was a clause in the contestant contract that said, “You don’t get to touch Vanna or Pat at the end if you don’t shout “Come on big money.”

Who knows, maybe the phrase is trademarked by Mr. Merv Griffin himself.

And, speaking of Big Money, I’d hate to be this guy right now. What did he do, you ask? Basically, he hacked his own employers computer system and bought a bunch of stuff on credit. When the banks controllers figured it out they decided to fix the situation by cutting their losses. When the rest of the world got wise to this massive selloff, a major panic ensued. The good news (cough cough) is that after many 401Ks were subsequently shattered, tax rebate checks will soon be on the way!!

Come On Big MONEY!!!

Of course, Soros thinks we’re all in for a major negative market correction…with the U.S. sitting at the kid table from now on…